Damn Robot

This is our newest baby, a true Twin park snowboard. Built-in reinforcements to give you extra pop, flat camber between bindings to give you more control at high speed, and catch-free edges with the early rise contact points. This is not just a mean machine in the park, you can ride it on a daily basis – from cruising on the slopes, jibbing around and even a little slash in the fresh pow. Damn you Robot!

Artwork by Lauren Moore ( Thank you L ).

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camber  FLAT Camber -It gives a loose feeling for a catch-free board, flat between foots means stability. The tip and tail early rocker  allows you to enjoy a rocker board.


biax  Bi-axial Fiberglass – The fibers 0/90 allow the board to give a losing torsion in the middle and still being a responsive.

bio-resin  SG – “Super Glue”  we just use the best epoxy in the market developed for snowboards  witch gives a high performance and at the same time keep all the parts together

carbon  Power POP Reinforcement – This is the ultimate add-on on our boards. We specially developed this reinforcement to give our boards a different specific feeling with stiffer nose and tail areas for extra carving and response on transitions. Carbon Stringers- On v-shape for extra snap and a more reactive ride.

edges  Steel edges  one of the best metal edges around, they’ve been tested and put a lot of pressure.

vds  VDS – The anti-vibration system placed all around the edges, witch improve board stability and bonding between layers

base  F – 7500 one of the best base materials available across snowboard industry, its fast and with continuous waxing it gets better and faster

woodcore  Wood core – Our Tip-to-Tail wood core are made with a specific combination of lightweight and hard wood, we obtain a light board with a lot of snap reaction.

topsheet  Transparent Top sheet – Crystal top sheet, the high end quality made in Austria scratch resistant with UV protection.


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